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  • Bed cover-100% cotton

    Spring freshness or winter cosiness, this is what our cotton bed sets give to you. Nothing can be compared with the softness and the pleasant touch of the cotton fabric. It is especially recommended for kids and people with allergies. Their sizes are various and they can cover even big double bed. The interior of your bedroom will shine at the background of one beautiful bed cover. Not only to protect your bed linen from dirthiness, the bed cover also has qualities of decoration. The cotton fabric is the most important thing in this case.

  • Luxurious bed covers

    A luxurious jacquard bed cover set, decorated with French lace, pearls and sequins is the right choice for a stylish look. It brings class to every room and makes you feel a proud owner of it. The small details on the French lace, the way the sequins and the pearls are sewed are great work of art. Offered in many colours, they complete the interior of the room. We don’t need to mention the high-class of manufacture and the high quality of the products.

  • 4 Seasons

    Our bed cover sets called “4 seasons” are mainly chosen from young modern families. You can use them during the all seasons without experiencing any discomfort and that is why we call them so. You can use these sets like bed covers, like quilt covers and like blankets-they are multifunctional. These sets include a capitone quilt cover, a sheet and two pillowcases

Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items
Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items